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A collection of the best mobile app development tools, tips, blogs, forums, and more

for mobile app developers and their teams to run a better app business.


Using the right kind of services can help a mobile app development team save time and money. Whether you’re an indie developer or a large development team, there are services available to help make your job easier and your apps better. If you want to track app installs, update your app video on the fly, or switch off a feature remotely that’s causing crashes for users,  these services can help.

Hipmob – In-app customer chat
Autosend – Mobile app trigger-based marketing messages
Content – Update app content without code

Switch – Turn off problem features remotely 

Helpshift – In-app faq

Apptentive – Get app ratings from users 

Hercules – Mobile a/b testing

Crashlytics – App crash reporting

Localytics – App analytics and marketing

Hockeyapp – Distribute your beta to app users

Bugsense – Crash reports

Flurry – App analytics

Clutch.io – A/B testing for iOS & Android

New Relic – Mobile App Monitoring Tool

Pubnub- Real time API

Mixpanel – In-app mobile analytics 

Tapstream – Track installs & conversions

One Sky App – Localization suite

Sensor Tower – App Store Intelligence Tool

Ap Salar – Mobile analytics and advertising

Google – Mobile backend



Because the app development community is growing so quickly, there are a plethora of interesting reads about the business of mobile apps  Anything you want to learn about mobile app development is out there. But we’ve found some of the more interesting coverage pressing mobile topics. If you wanted a detailed plan on how to pull of a good pre-launch marketing campaign, there’s a video on that. If you ever wondered why content is so important for mobile app success, there are a few interesting tidbits on that. Just rummage thorugh the list and you’re bound to learn something new. 

15 Creative In-App Ad Ideas

Get the Word Out Before You Launch

How to Build a Secure Mobile App

How to Choose a Font For Mobile Apps

Mobile App Content Management Guide

Content as a Medium 

Mobile App Topics by Apigee

For Revenue, It’s More Than ASO

How to Get Featured By Apple

How to Get Featured in Google Play

List of App Review Sites

What is Big Mobile?

Are Mobile App Users More Loyal 

32 Mobile Marketing Statistics 

10 Places to Get Media Mentions

Advantage of Reskinning Mobile Apps

Videos on App Development Topics

More Video Mobile Topics

Flat Mobile App Design in Photoshop Video

Designing for Mobile Apps

How to Design a Mobile App


If you’re interested or in love with all things app development like we are, then you may want to just follow these amazing blogs. There’s a blog to cover every mobile app development topic you can think of. Anytime you need app marketing advice or get stuck on a particular app development issue, head over to one of these great mobile development blogs for help.

Pixel Prospector – Indie game resources

Trademob – Marketing & best practices

ASO Pro – App Store Optimization Blog

Apptamin – App Marketing and Tips

Michael V – App Marketing

App Dev Magazine – Mobile app topics

Fiksu – App marketing insights


You couldn’t build a house, a bike, or even an Ikea dresser without the right tools. So why build an app without a handful of helpful tools? Why do things the hard way?
There’s a tool for almost anything you have to do for your mobile app business. If you want to track bugs easier or share promo codes quickly, it’s probably a tool out there to help you do it. We’ve just put a few of the best here on this list.

Distimo – Conversion & revenue tracking

Mockup- Device mockup screenshots

Stone Trip- multi-platform game engine

Apportable – Cross-compile your iOS app

Sprite Builder – Build sprites

Xscope – Test screen graphics & layouts

Shinobi – Data components & UI controls 

TexturePacker – Optimized Sprite Sheet

Cheetah 3D — 3D modeller and renderer


As “old school” and “uncool” as forums may seem, there’s a wealth of knowledge and community hiding in these forums.  A lot times, forums come in handy when you find yourself stuck on an odd coding problem or need advice from others in the app business trenches. We’ve organized the list by iOS and Android platform.


iPhone Dev SDK

Macrumors – iOS Dev Forum

Cocoa Cafe – French Cocoa Forums

Ray Wenderlich – iOS app & game dev forum

Insanely Mac – iOS Dev Forum

Cocos2d – iOS game dev forum

Apple – Official iOS forums

Stack Overflow – iOS Dev Topics



Making Money – Android dev & marketing forum

Phandroid – Android dev forum

And dev – Android tutorials and forums

Devshed – Droid developer forums

Androidpit – Droid dev forums

Google – Android developer group

Android Developers Group


In today’s competitive app market, you really can’t afford to release an ugly, hard to use mobile app. No matter the platform, mobile users expect the apps they use not only to be useful and entertaining, but beautiful and simple to use. Mobile app design is more than pretty fonts and colors. Good app design involves including the right features, minimizing friction, and creating the ideal design for your target market. Even if you don’t have an app designer or user experience developer on your team, you can pull off a well designed mobile app with these resources.

App Design Served – App design inspiration

Everything Is a Remix – Series about “copying”

Icons DB – Free App Icons

Speckboy – More Free App Icons

Gem icon – 650 Free Solid Icons

Make Icon – Generate Different App Icons 

Icon Finder – Find icons to use

Griddle – Pixel grid generator 

Glyphish – Mobile app icons

Opacity – Making graphics for the screen

Mobile Patterns – App UI inspiration


I know, I know…who reads anymore? But you should be with so many helpful resources available. Anything from mobile app design for non-designers to simple mobile app content management has been covered in these great app development books.
Take a looksie!

App Design Handbook 

Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success

Mobile App Design Book

Microinteractions: Designing with Details 

Content Strategy for Mobile 

Mobile App Marketing Cheat Sheet 

The Mobile Designer’s Idea Book 

Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone App

Android Design Patterns Interaction 

Mobile User Experience Patterns 

NSHipster: Obscure Topics in Cocoa & Objective-C


If you’re developing an iOS app you’ll find these resources helpful. There are libraries to help you create beautiful animations easily and tools to help you debug better. Any interesting iOS specific advice, tool, or blog will be here.

Team Treehouse – Team Design Guide for iOS Apps

NS Hipster – iOS Code Blog 

Creative Bloq- Design iOS UI 

Get App Ninja – iOS App Design Templates

UI Palette – iOS App Design Templates

Teehanlax – iOS 7 GUI PSD

iOS Dev Tools – List of iOS Tools

Moar Fonts – iOS custom fonts

Nomad – iOS Command Line Utility

Reveal App – Inspect, modify, debug code

Scoop It – iOS Goodies

Cocoa Manifest -Articles on iOS tools

Prepo – Prepare, share, preview app art & icons

Skala – Pixel perfect previews to iOS device 

Paint Code – Real-time Objective C code drawing 

Share Kit – Add sharing to your app

Particle Playground – Custom particle emitter classes


Android adoption is growing fast and so are the resources available to Android developers. So whether you’re looking for a speedy emulator or an easier way to do beta testing, there’s probably an Android development resource here for you.

Inspired UI – Android App Design Inspiration

Test Fairy – Easy Android Beta Testing

Graffletopia – Sketch style Android stencil

Teehanlax – Android GUI PSD 

Scoop.it – Android development

Pragmatic Sharif – List of Android Resources 

Android Alliance – Library for styling & customizing scrollbars

Android Weekly – Weekly android dev emails

Nahuel Barrios – List of Android Tools


If you know even a little about mobile app development, you know about the importance of marketing your mobile app. And marketing is no longer the sole responsibility of the marketing team (if you even have one). Here’s a list of resources to help with everything app marketing. If you need nice looking screenshots in a device, its here. Need advice on how to approach the press? GOT IT!  Just check it out below.