The Easiest Way to Send Messages to Your Users

Dead simple, trigger-based email, push, & SMS messages for your web and mobile app


Send an email, push notification, or text message to your users based on what they do in your app, automatically.


It Just Works

Smart and easy behavior-driven messaging tool for the rest of us

Turn users into paying customers

Want to email users after they finish your app walkthrough? Send a text to users that saw your in-app purchase screen? or Send a push notification to inactive users? You can do it all in seconds with Autosend.

Finally…trigger-based marketing for websites AND native mobile apps

Behavior-driven emails, SMS, and push messages for web and mobile apps. One tool to help you keep your mobile and web users engaged.

Made for the rest of us

WYSIWYG email creation, drop down rule creation, A/B testing, and analytics. Takes seconds to do what you want without ever touching code. Perfect for marketers, growth hackers, non-technical founders, and small businesses.

Send the message you want, to the users you want…the easy way.


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